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Well, I'm back in comfort of my office after a wonderful weekend. I believe we met some new lifelong friends. Ashlynn, McKenna, Tiffany, Kes and I thank you all for your hospitality and encouragement. I have a couple of thousand pics I'll be sorting through as time permits, I'll try to get some going today. Corbet, that little camera combined with your eye take some incredible photos. Its been a pleasure looking through what I've seen so far. Thank you guys, cant wait for CM!

A few quick shots.

Preparing a tasty hot dinner under the stars.
Name:  D7K_1050.jpg
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JadeRunner getting excited on the Escalator
Name:  D7K_1528.jpg
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AirRandy finishing an ingenious trail repair on Metal Masher
Name:  D7K_1748.jpg
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Tiffany took the wheel for a few obstacles on Flat Iron Mesa.
Name:  D7K_3235.jpg
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Taking the long way home, we traversed the Dolores River, granite creek and Ryan park. The weather made the views that much better.
Name:  D7K_3418.jpg
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Teaser Video. I'm looking forward to showing you the complete trip video.

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