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Lots of fun as usual. Glad Robbie choose to do another run with us. It was fun seeing Robbie wheel with his lifted FJ and Chris with his new yellow FJ (not lifted). You could tell they were having fun taking the harder obstacles. After a season of wheelin them they were being more aggressive. I have some good video of them, as well as the rest of the guys. But, I will need some time to get them edited and posted.

After we got Uriís runner back together he eased over the tough line on the optional obstacle Russian style. Oleg running around shouting\spotting in Russian. Treeroots FJ40 sure is built up nice and fun to watch. He had the hard line on whale rock under control and almost whipped. He just needed to go for it promptly while he was in the vertical position. An un-nerving thing to do Iím sure. It was nice seeing Rachel tackling a tough trail in her 3rd gen runner. She did well and Iím sure she learned a few things. Sheíll be spankiní the boys on the trail soon.

Oleg pointed out a new line on the double slab which worked well for me. I also took a new line across whale rock that was fun and clean. I had a good day.
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