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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Nak, you really don't want to run it off your batt. AMHIK.
What downside am I not considering? I want to have full control- lights on when the bike isn't, lights off when the bike is, or both on/both off. If I leave my lights on and my battery dies I deserved that. what else is there?

Dave back on the relay thing... I haven't been around since 1962 so am a little slow perhaps. Is the benefit of the second relay so I don't need to run 35w through the switch?

It's an either/or between 87 and 87a, correct? Power to 85 flips it between those.. so my handlebar switch high beam wire is going to trip #85, and I just wouldn't hook up the low beam, is that what you're saying? Resulting in default low beam, switched hi beam. But both are off with relay #1 being switched off. Ok I think I get it now..
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