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Default Proper mag mount setup

I purchased a mag mount and an antenna. I have a CB and mic, SWR meter and the proper coax cable for install and doing SWR. How do I set this thing up? I tried to set it up and calibrate it and all but it doesn't seem like anyone can hear me.

The antenna has a black wire coming out of it. I know the antenna screws into the magnetic base but what do I do with the black wire?

I hope to be able to move the antenna inside the vehicle while I am away from the vehicle and then put it back outside when I am driving. I hope the black wire doesn't have to be screwed into the body for that reason.

I just wanted something to reach out if I am on broken down on the road or out hunting and want help. Yeah yeah, cell phone. I broke my cell while hunting turkey so that doesn't always work.

Should I trade it in for GMRS?
Should I sell it and go for HAM?
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