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Originally Posted by bomber22 View Post
this photo was taken by my wife's son. he is 30 yrs old and trying to find his nich in life.
wow. he's very talented. i wish him the best of luck. it's an extremely competitive business, especially where he's headed. that being said, i miss being in it every morning that i crawl out of bed. i've never had so much fun with a "job" nor have i had a chance to meet so many interesting people and have such a positive impact on their lives.

i'm 39 and still trying to find my niche. i know photography is it but right now being a code monkey is paying the bills. hoping to find my way back very soon. software just makes me angry and i don't know how many 80+ hour weeks i have left in me.

if there's anything that i might be able to do for your son, get in touch. most of my contacts where in socal but i may still have a couple of names in the bay area.
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