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I mean no disrespect, however some of the stuff reported here has some flaws.

A V8 engine, with a few exceptions (Ford FE comes to mind) do not have a sharp 90 degree bend before the valve such as the 2F. And you forget the exhaust crossover on most factory intake manifolds whose job it was to heat the intake. Not to mention the hot oil that splashes the underside of a lot of V configuration engines. I never stated the fluid heat riser didn't work, I stated it is less efficient (slower) than the factory exhaust manifold. It is a band-aid. I have used them and yes they are better than nothing but they are less than ideal. However the 2F was not designed to be pinnacle of automotive engineering and comes with MANY inherent flaws, the intake arrangement being just one of them.

Also, liquid gas isn't ignitable by spark. It must be converted to vapor or atomized. That is the function of the carburetor. If you doubt that then refrigerate some gas in a cup so that it is not giving off vapor and throw a match at it. Yes you can put a match out in liquid gasoline. It must be properly atomized to burn correctly. If liquid fuel makes it to the combustion chamber it will not be burn correctly and has the potential to wash the oil off the cylinder walls and contaminate the oil in the crankcase. I also stated that the amount may be academic and it depends on the condition of the rings. When enough liquid gas makes it to the cylinder to wash oil off the walls it will increase the wear. Again, this may be academic.

I did misread what MDH33 stated about vapor locking while cold. I read it too fast. My apologies.
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