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Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
Lookin' good! Not much snow left down there huh?
Thanks. No, not much. Some in the trees at the top but that's it.

Originally Posted by bomber22
not sure where wear those pics were taking but they are good, i like the pic of the aspen's. good job smslavin !
Slaughterhouse Gulch. Thanks.

Originally Posted by MountainGoat
It's Slaughterhouse. I snuck up and ran it on Friday morning. No snow, mostly dry with a little ice here and there. I did have to strap a tree off the trail about a third of a mile before the gate at the top (pic #3). Saw one occupied campsite and 2 other trucks. When I came out there were a couple of dirt bikes fixin to head up.
Saw a couple of trucks parked in the trees, passed a couple on ATVs and a group of kids on a hike that had a definite Lord of the Flies feel about them. Looking forward to getting back up there in the fall when the aspens turn.

Shot a little video too. This is a totally different medium than what I'm used to with stills and I'm still getting it nailed down. Fun though.
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