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You rock, Marco! Doing well here. Saw the Blackhawk helos this morning circling the burn area. They are using those, plus a single engine slurry bomber, plus a heavy tanker slurry bomber to dump on the blaze. Still 0 containment but the smoke has really died down. Winds are calm up here which is a real blessing.

Someone living near Riley Peak (googlemap it) took these of the tanker making a run...


This is the view from his living room (looking NE -ish) yesterday afternoon:

I would probably be cleared out if we were that close. I know people with lotsa critters did whether told to or not. Our EXCELLENT vet (large and small animal plus hospital, several horses in critical care, plus a cow after C-section) was just inside the edge of the evac area and had to bug out. Can't imagine... That would be Aspen Creek Veterinary if anyone up here needs the best vets in the area.

Some nut probably to the right of Attilla the Hun was decrying gubmint telling people they had to leave, like that was a Hitler gubmint leading the sheeple, on a 9News story comment. Retired Lockheed Martin engineer.

Too much trichloroethylene absorption? Only explanation I can come up with. The irony of him living on government contract escaped him.

God bless the family of the Lucases (age 77 and 76, found inside and outside a burned structure). One woman from the burn area is still missing and her husband is beside himself at the command center.
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