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This is a very personal choice. HOWEVER, the best shop in town for this, is performance cycle on broadway. Huge selection, and local family owned and worked. I can't say enough good things about them.

I have a fieldsheer ce rated waterproof textile suit (2piece), a firstgesh mesh for low speed stuff in the summer, a alpinestars moto gp leather track suit, and a corrazzo shop coat with ce armour.

Bill has a great over the but expedition/dual sport gear set that is very cool, but I don't have that need. I know he commutes in it, but I don't know how hot it gets. IF you are commuting, its sitting in the sun that kills you, as even non-perforated leather is ok if you are moving.

Fieldsheer and FirstGear make great quality, entry level and higher stuff. Jackets are one thing, unlike helmets, where money doesn't always equal quality. Whatever you do, thing about water. I know it doesn't rain much, but I can tell you, it sucks and blows to be stuck in a downpour from colorado springs to denver. You need all your focus when it's wet, and being dry really does help that.

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