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oh - like farnham said, get good boots. I am a fan of sidi and alpinestars, but for commuting, I don't use dedicated boots. I use a standard low heel full coverage boot for commuting. don't forget rubber soles if you go street wear. I like this, as if it's colder, or I am on the freeway, I can wear the full suit over my dress clothes.

Sidi makes some real nice tourning boots, but unless your willing to haul all your street gear separate boots can be a pain. If you buy separate touring/street boots, only get waterproof ones. ask me how I know.

Since we are close to the same size, you're more than welcome to borrow my textile suit to see how you like it. Aerostitch stuff is good for adv.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DON'T BUY OVER THE NET - this gear is heavy, binding and terribly uncomfortable if you guess wrong. try and buy local man..
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