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Nak, think dualsport. That would mean textile not leather.

I absolutely LOVE FirstGear Kilimanjaro stuff. The overpants breathe well, and have a removable rain liner that WORKS. The jacket has a fleece liner that makes the unit good from 30* to 80+. For hot weather or off road, I have a GREAT MSR Gore-Tex enduro jacket that folds up and fits in my backpack. Been caught in the rain in the woods too many times to not ride with it handy - you can go from sweating and 85* to hypothermia in ten minutes. BTDT. No fun. The jacket makes the difference, and makes dirt riding in the rain a hoot.

For boots, the very best and most comfortable boot I own is a pair of Sidi Discovery boots. For one thing, few dirt boots are water resistant. Most let ALL the water in as if they were mesh or something. Never happened in the old days, go figger. They are my favorite boot - they are adapted from trials boots and don't *quite* offer the same protection as maybe Alpinestars top of the line MX boots (I have a pair of those too) but... all around, they rock for dualsport use. If I could only have one pair of boots, from dirt to street, these would be it.

For pure street a mesh jacket would make commutes good in summer and traffic jams. But the Kili has lots of venting and if I can keep moving JUST A LITTLE, it's good. Dang Buell puts out a lot of engine heat though... but the overpants actually help with that and also breathe well.

<edit> Oh, and for footwear, yeah, don't buy over the web unless you know the product. You need to walk around in it for a half hour in the shop. However, I have bought great stuff (including a pair of retro leather jackets from Scorpion) from at some incredible prices. I would do it again. Just read the reviews and talk to the people about sizing.
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