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Can't say how it relates to motos, but I have found a few things out riding and bike patrolling.

One is that CO2 is the bees knees racing but never rely on it if you're going far enough that walking back is going to be tough. I'll also use them for local rides, particularly after work, when time is limited. I always still carry a pump, even racing. But I mostly endurance race, so finding yourself at the half way point of a 111K enduro means you could be walking a long way back to the last aid station or a road.

Anyway, I think this Planet Bike pump might work well for you guys. It's really a mini floor pump. The little foot stand really does help and it has an actual tube, although a short one, that takes the pressure off the valve stem. It's sorta bulky for bicycles but might be a good option for you guys. It's too big to frame mount and better to carry in a backpack anyway.

FWIW, since going to tubeless the use of pumps has gone down a whole, whole bunch... On the flip side, reseating a bead is pretty much impossible without CO2 and even then it's only if star align. So I just plan on putting in a tube if I rip a sidewall.
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