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I'm not going to lie, it stings a bit to see this. My only child thus far is a girl about to turn 6 and she has NO interest in motorcycles. NONE. I tried my hardest for years to sway her that way and I've since realized she needs to just be who she is and I love everything she is but I really had hopes that she would ride. Bikes of all flavors have been so important to me for my whole life that it's hard for me to understand how the fruit of my loin wouldn't share the same passion for them. What do you do, though? She's my angel.

Maybe if I got an all pink bike that looks like a unicorn with princess stickers all over it and it played Disney music out the tailpipe....anybody seen anything like that?

I do enjoy seeing families sharing such a wonderful thing. You all are very lucky!
I've got some Yotas, some bikes and a drag car...
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