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Default tunnel

Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Won't you have tranny tunnel issues with this swap? Typical 3spd-4spd stuff? What are you doing about the steering column with no column shifter now? And where did you source a parking brake that will mount to a split case? I thought those were unobtanium...
Yes I do believe that I'll have to do some mods to the tunnel but it shouldn't be anything more than what I'd have to do if I were to put a four speed in. As much as I'd like to keep the column shift it's just can't stay. Furthermore, removing the straight column for a tilt column is slightly safer IMHO. In regards to the parking break, they are very difficult to find. I just happen to look at the classifieds on Mud one day and a guy had just listed one that he never installed. It wasn't cheap but eliminated a lot of headache. Having my kids over the last 3 years didn't lend too much time for physical wrenching but I did source a ton of parts, most of them for pennies on the dollar.
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