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Default Once More, Just the T-shirt

Looks like no CM for me this year. Seriously bummed!

Just goes to show that even the best plans can blow up on you. Since the first of the year, I (plus Bettie) managed to:

* sell my business
* retire
* put the house up for sale
* commit to a passel of "improvements" to make it more saleable
* pick a new place in central PA, near kids and grandkids
* pack the house in MN
* take a 2-week cruise through the Panama Canal
* finish packing and watch as the moving van headed east
* drive here in the Jetta (1100 miles@45mpg/diesel)
* close on the new place
* get our junk unloaded from the moving van
* unpack, still going on
* set up everything from scratch, (haven't done that for 25 years)
* get all the details organized to head out to Utah at the end of the month
* go see a local doc and oops!!

So it looks like I'm going to get a close-up view of medicine as practiced locally. Nothing very cosmic, just enough to wreck my chances to hang out with all the folks, enjoy the beautiful red rock scenery and practice not falling off anything.

So, please send me the t-shirt. I'll PM an address when it's needed.
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