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Default Argentine Tree Investigation Run 4/15/12

Just a father and son trip today, but that was ok. Weather was pretty good for most of the day, it was actually colder in Denver this afternoon than it was in the Leavenworth valley

A built HEEP ZJ beat us to the trail this morning and drove up 248.1 to where 248.1P breaks off back down to 248.1B. There were some trees that had fallen on 248.1, but none that blocked the trail from a full-width vehicle getting up. We continued up 248.1, following some tracks through the drifts, for probably another 1/2 - 3/4 mile before getting denied by some slippery drifts right as the trees started to thin out a bit.

Drove back to 248.1P, went down to 248.1B with intentions to travel back downstream toward the creek crossings, and got nervous about another off-camber drift in the trees and decided to walk. Hiked down through some pretty decent sized drifts in the trees, which finally thinned out by about the upper creek crossing. The first fallen tree we came to was just on the downstream side of the upper crossing. There were probably 15-20 in total that had fallen and hadn't been totally cleared, and someone had been up 248.1B since we were up there in December and had cut a few more trees out of the way that had been blocking our way that Saturday night. ATV's can now make it up to the lower creek crossing, but there are uncut trees right above the lower crossing still.

Picked up two bags of broken shooting clays that someone had left near the upper creek crossing and carried them out. Thank you to whoever put those bags there and took the time to fish the clays out of the creek, I picked up a few more but my hands were getting mighty cold quick!

Oh, and the Sanden filled my tires from 12 to 36 psi in 1:30 at 1000 rpm

Pictures L A T E R
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