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I guess I knew the answer and was going to do it all along but I just needed a little push. Thanks guys, I'm going to make some calls.

I bought the bike new in late 06 and I haven't ridden it a whole lot, I'm just now putting a rear tire on it. I've never felt until the last couple of rides that the bike was holding me back but I'm definitely there now. There are several doubles and some good sized table tops at the track I have been frequenting in Sunol, Nebraska that if I over-shoot in the slightest I'm bottoming hard on. Then there are a couple doubles right out of corners that you have to hit just right with enough speed or you go ass over tea kettle. I went aotk (did I invent an acronym?) a bunch before I got those guys figured out but I don't have the consistency I would like. I find I'm hitting them pretty good 8 or 9 times out of 10 and the other times, well, keep the grip, lever and antiseptic companies in business. I'm too old to be busting myself up like this so I'm going to try the suspension and see if that doesn't help.
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