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Wow, 4 weekends over 4 months and the results are impressive - 20 rigs are better off than they were before coming to the sessions. The work performed coverd a wide range from basic fluid changes/tuneups to connecting rod bearing replacements. The shop has been very busy. This is a fine organization with a wide breadth of knowlege and very genorous spirit to help each other.

A real big thank you to everyon who helped make these sessions a success - something this big does not happen without a bunch of people pitching in.

Here is a recap of the work compiled from the posts in this thread:

Front end clunk diagnosis; inspected the front end no issues found that would account for the intermittent clunk.
Removed splash guards front and rear
We had planned to extend tail pile hanger as current position would be hit by rear spring at full flex. Upon closer examination, determined that suspension flexes a long way and there is not enough play in the pipes to extend the hanger far enough. After considering the options, we resolved the issue by cutting the tail pipe to clear the springs all together.
Welded four bracket assemblies to a hold high lift jack. The brackets can also be used to support a platform shelf.

Engine compression check; cylinder 3 is at 115 (not terrible considering it recently ingested a nut) and all the rest 135-139.
Checked timing, found it to be less than 7. Reset to 12 degrees BTDC.
Fabricated a stud to hold the air cleaner cover to the carburetor.
Inspected rear driveshaft and pinions, found pinion nut and parking brake drum nut to be finger tight. Tightened them up and rtv'd the splines coming out the back of the t-case.
"Loose steering" diagnosis; inspected the front end and found alignment was toed out. We adjusted the alignment to .25" tow in.

Oil change and sea foam
Welded a bracket which keeps the bumper from opening far enough to bump the tail lights. Eliminated free play at the latch when bumper halves are closed.
Rotated the tires
Inspected the brakes, found front pads to be in need of replacement - replaced them
Bled the brakes
Inspected the front end alignment; found it to be equal distance both front and rear; adjusted alignment to .25" tow in.

Built up a 4.11 third with an ARB
H55F install into his FJ60
ARB Installation
4.11 Gear installation

Oil change

Installed an air hose reel
Painted Dee's race car

converted his V6 ARB diff to HP with the same ARB
Installed new 5.29 gears into above diff
Installed new 5.29 gears into another diff with a Detroit locker

Full front axle service, trunions and all

Straight 6 tune up
Compression check
Timing & carb adjust
Diagnosed a faulty heater motor

Timing & Carb adjustment
Valve adjustment

4runner bumper work

Front wheel bearing packing
Front diff flushing

Diff fluid change
Overall visual inspection
CB Tuning

FJ40 w/ V8 tuning
Diagnosed engine noise - old fuel pump that needs removed

Replaced ARB seal
Rising Sun CM Trailer

Diff fluids

Pilot Bearing replacement

New connecting rod bearings and the associated oil change

Front wheel bearing packing
Repaired broken stud on hub lockouts
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