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Default CM2012 cb and ham frequencies

The frequencies are about the same as last year. Some changes as tip toe behind the rocks was replaced by Dome Plateua and the arches run will be on the same frequency as the e-hill trip. (but they probably won't hear each other very often if at all.)

The frequencies are not set in stone as we don't own the frequencies and other users may be using them too. That said, they are a good starting point and an effort to prevent confusion on the trails.

There may only be a single ham on each run too. Sometimes I try to drive to a high spot and contact each trail on their frequency. My success is mixed.

Remember to use the minimum power required to convey your message. In most cases, LOW power is plenty to talk to your entire trail.

Remember that the channel spacing in Utah is different than Colorado too.
The recommended channel spacing is 20khz, while it is only 15khz in CO.

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