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So I am getting pretty poor mileage- like 48 miles from full to where I run out of gas, and need to switch to reserve. I was hopefully thinking it was because I had the bike leaned onto the kick stand to fill up, but don't think the tipping of the bike is enough to account for almost half the efficiency that Subzali gets. I am likely + 30 pounds though, but is that so significant?

So I experimented with trying to lean out the mixture, and moved the little E-clip on the big long needle from slot #4 to slot #2, essentially shoving it down in further, which in turns lets less gas by. Well that resulted in a bike that almost doesn't start, I did get it to start by flooring the throttle, but then around the block it ran really poorly. So then I moved the needle to slot #3, splitting the difference. Ok that starts a little better, kind of a pain when cold but when hot starts right up. Seemed to run ok.. but I liked how it started before.

so then yesterday I switched back to slot #4, then I changed my main jet from a 180 to the 175. Per the JD documentation, I'm set up now for 6000-9000' elevation. the bike starts fine now, I haven't had a chance to ride it yet though. I'm going to leave it as-is for now then drag it to Utah..

Are there other adjustments that would lean out my mixture, beyond the clip position on the big needle, and the main jet? And what of those would you suggest? Anything else I should look at to try to improve fuel economy?
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