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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
2 & 3: My dad and I went down the Argentine Central Railroad grade where it comes in to meet 248.1. I'd never been down there before, and it was quite interesting. It turns into a hiking/biking trail that goes down to Silver Plume. There was a stone chimney left over just feet from the grade, does anybody know what this building may have been? Part of the railroad maybe? Bill? Nathaniel? Anyway, it was interesting to imagine a train coming around the corner from where I was sitting taking this picture, chugging up the mountainside.
Why, that's Pavilion Point, of course.

The pavilion has been gone as long as my Grandmother remembers, but the chimney is still there. From what I gather, it was a common lunch stop on the way up to Mt. McClellan on the Argentine Central, so that you could get your meal in before you got so high and were exposed to the wind.

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