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If you can spend the $$. get a KTM. Some value to shared parts and knowledge with your friends. There are good deals, but you jump to the $4k to play. Get a 450-530 EXC also known as XC-w 03-07 I think this is what most of us have. Motor is called the RFS (racing four stroke) These bikes could be thought of as the 80series with factory lockers of KTM trail/desert Motorcycles. Stock tanks are about 9.5liters, 13 and 26 are also available.

My take on used KTM
Look for play in rear wheel bearings. $90
Look at the amount of wear on the clutch cover and stator cover. $100 per side
How scratched bent does the plastic look. Is it original? $150 will buy all new
Bent sidewalls on rims. $150 and 4 hours of your time
Has top been rebuild? Typical at 7k-10k miles on engine. $800 and 10 hours or $2200
Upper and lower shock mounts are bearings not bushings. $150 set
Ask owner how often oil is changed and what they use. For this kind of bike expect to hear 10 hours or 300 miles. Motorex is $14 a QT, Rotella is $14 a gallon.
Leak at the water pump (small drain hole) is not uncommon. $10 4hours
Oil leak at counter sprocket is o- ring and maybe spacer or Sprocket. $25
Bent radiators. $25-$300 per sider rebuild vs replace
Chain and sprockets last about a season and a half. $155 for a full set

Extras that add "value"-- in no particular order prices are retail guess. Figure 1/4 value on resell or buying used
Radiator guards-Aluminum $100
Skid Plate $90
Bark Busters $90
Scotts steering damper $400
Fork Breathers $40
JD ket kit $80
Reklus clutch $500
Street legal $500
New tires (to me this means they are still spending money on upkeep of the bike) $120
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