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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
That's kind of a spendy antenna. Well relative to the Firestik anyway. The mount, coax, and antenna are less than Larson antenna alone. Suppose I do get what I pay for.
Yeah, Larsen is commercial type stuff and isn't particularly cheap. I've had this antenna for about 8 years and it's holding up so far. Knock wood... I have a second whip that I cut for 10m, so it can be pressed into service for ham use, although I don't have a mobile HF rig in the truck anymore.

BTW, the hole in Nak's mount is 3/4", which is designed for an NMO and they fit perfect. If you do use a different mount, it's fairly oversized. What I did for the ATAS-120 (which mounts on a SO239) was to drill a 1" disc from thin aluminum plate and then drill a 5/8" hole in the center to use as a washer. This works fine for most types of mounts that have plenty of threads but does make everything pretty thick.
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