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Success? Rode to work today and I must say the bike's running as well as, or possibly better than, ever. Starts, idles, quickly jumps in RPM, and a slight amount of deceleration popping, all feels right. What's curious is I've learned that the ease of shifting has everything to do with how well the bike is running. I can find Neutral fairly easy now from 1st or 2nd, even while at a complete stop. When the bike runs poorly, it'll do anything from die when I shift into 1st, to just about refuse to go into Neutral either stopped or moving.. so for whatever reason, neutral shifting has become my litmus test.

Ok onto a question: I flipped the float bowl drain line up and over the carb, as directed by JD. while doing so, I realized that I do have some gas in the line that exits the top of the carb, on the other side (near where the throttle cables attach). Is this normal? or am I onto something here... the arrow points to where the gas was this morning when I rolled the bike out of the garage, first time I've touched the bike since Sunday.
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