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Default I will be traveling to Moab 2012

This year I am going to travel on 17M.
Last year the 20M was too noisy, to many nets, to many in-use frequencies.

I will test my 17M hamstick for best SWR and simply travel on that frequency. I will publish the frequency here after the weekend.

It will be a long drive, so I appreciate any contact I can get.

I'm leaving Thu 4/26 after work.

You can see me here:!call=a%2FKD2KDK-9&timerange=3600

If I am moving, I will be on the published 17M frequency.
On Sat I will be around Denver so my 2M will be monitoring freq Dave gave me last year.

Once I am at Moab and stationary, I will put up at times a 17M 1/4 wave using Buddipole components. I probably will not bather with a dipole. I have had great success with a full 1/4 and it is so easy to mount. I can do it in 5 minutes.

Hope to hear from you all

96 LX450
Albany, NY

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