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Originally Posted by dan1554 View Post
Looks like the Muncho Lake area. I'm jealous!
Yep, it's coming up.

Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
Looks super sweet!!!!!

Did you pass through Watson Lake? I forgot to ask you to find my sign there

Those truck look super cool! I bet they were awesome to drive/ride in.

Hit any monster frost heaves or are those things only around in summer???
Marco, we did pass through Watson Lake. Spent a short amount of time due to snow pack. So I didnt get to see your sign. Look for a PC (Proffittss Cruisers) Sign near the entrance if your ever up that way again.

No frost heaves. Mild weather to be honest. The big bag of mine that Farnham mentioned about was overly packed.

Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
So what was the deal with this trip? Where did you leave from? Where did you end up? How many days?

So the point of this trip was to "Stage" the Expedition 7 Land Cruisers to Fairbanks. A shake down run I guess. From fairbanks, Scott Brady took the trucks to Prudhoe Bay, where Greg Miller flew in and Expedition 7 officialy began.

After flying into Salt Lake City on Saturday the 7th, and crashing at Paul May's place, we took off from Proffitt's Cruisers at Miller Motor Sports Race Track in Tooele, Utah Monday Afternoon.

We averaged 550 miles a day. Monday-Sunday. With one side trip to Haines Ak, after the ok from the boss. Finishing the trip with an anti-climatic ending into the kinda crapy town of Fairbanks, Ak.

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