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Default FireFly 3' installed

Installed the FireStik FireFly 3' antenna and tuned the SWR today.

For the record, part numbers:

FL3-B - Black 3' FireStik FireFly
MU-8R9 - coax with "RireRing"
K-4R - mounting stud for "FireRing"
Gamiviti fender mount.

I had to use a pair of large washers on the mount as Tim's mount is drilled for NMO. On the radio end of the coax there is a removable fitting so you don't have to pull the standard CB 3/4" fitting through a grommet. I liked that as I was able to use an OEM grommet on the passenger side of my 80.

Everything is working good so far. I might look for some stainless steel washers to replace the cadmium ones I had laying around. SWR measures out about 2.4 (little high) on the far ends of the cb channels and about .1 on channel 19. Should be all set for CM12.
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