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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
I've ridden with one, and noticed quite a difference (same model bike). Nothing that hits you in the face, you just end up feeling like "Gee, the last time I rode that trail I didn't feel NEARLY as confident. Huh." REALLY makes a difference in the rocks or in deep sand. Same effect no matter the motor size, Matt.

That said, the budget has not to date allowed for one.

[edit] I did put a decent damper on the Duc, gotten used (Ohlins unit from a wrecked Duc). It does indeed change the way the bike feels, and when I turn it to zero effect, the bike just doesn't feel as confidence-inspiring. That is on a street bike, too.
Duc's that I have ridden need them. not sure why.

I love them on dirt bikes too.

Matt, if you haven't ridden with one you should try it. it is like Bill says.
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