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Originally Posted by ttubb View Post
This is from my friend, Jim Deer. He is willing to lead as indicated if you still need someone. He is a very experienced driver. His email address is shown below. Terry

I noticed on the club's Cruise Moab page that they still don't have a trail leader for Moab Rim on Saturday. I kind of hate to be responsible for a bunch of people I don't know but I've done it plenty of other times so if they absolutely, positively need someone to do it I suppose I could be talked into it. I've led a number of folks on it, more than a few who had little experience and were in mostly stock FJ's: and for Cruise Moab I wouldn't expect any rank amateurs to be signed up for a run like this since it's ranked as one of the most difficult runs on the schedule. Since you're in the club you could check to see if they really do need someone, and if that's the case you can tell them I'll do it if they can't find anybody else; or if one of the club members is willing to lead it but hasn't done it before I can show him what to expect on the difficult parts. My buddy Sean Sykora is riding shotgun with a friend of his on the run and he's a terrific spotter, so I could show him the right lines on the difficult obstacles and he could spot everybody that needs a little help.

Jim Deer
Dallas, TX
Sign him up I say What ye say Stephen Rudy!
Thanks Terry!
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