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Question A little charging system help?

O-k, so things are not groovy with my charging system...

Problem: after sitting for ~ 1 week, the battery was damn near dead.

Background: '78 40 w/ stock charging system. I gave the 40 a nice long drive before leaving it sit while my son was born. Before I went w/ the solid state voltage regulator, my battery was draining overnight. I surmised that the VR was fielding the alternator overnight and doing this. So I got a points type VR, and then a week later switched to the SS VR. Battery stopped draining overnight.

One thing that concerns me is that after I got the 40 started, the Amp meter was not pegged, or showing vigorous charging activity... It was sitting just above the middle line on stock amp meter. When I hooked it up to a trickle charger, it drew 8 and then 6 amps for the better part of a day. Battery now acts fully charged.

In my feeble little mind, this means to me that either the VR is not calling for a charge, or my alternator is no longer putting out - correct?

Would step one be to fully field the alternator and measure output? If so, how do I fully field my stocker 40, external VR alternator?


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