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Originally Posted by SteveS View Post
Cool, is Utah all max 91 octane the way it seems Kansas and Colorado are? Just curious cause the crappy gas is screwing with my mileage with the supercharger. Had to buy all the octane booster on the shelf at a truck stop to help it
If I could get a nice tank of 93, I'll be good, or does anyone know if grand junction or some other close wal mart has a lot of octane booster for sale?

If I'm running 91 I might need a full tank, all my cans and then some more lol
I think most of Utah is going to be 91. Out of curiosity what kind of mileage are you seeing here with the supercharger and what do you normally see? And what elevation are you coming from? Sorry for all the questions but I have been considering the supercharger for my FJ as well.

Got the truck all packed up last night, decided Sunday morning I wanted to build a little platform for the rear to separate out the gear and add some tie down points. Always a good idea to add more projects to the list when you are already running behind

I ended up packing two tables, a dual burner stove, a tiny grill w/ charcoal and a large grill that goes over the fire. Everyone is welcome to use whatever they need. I am sitting here wondering why I decided to work today, I keep thinking about the trip, I'm not going to get anything done!
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