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Tyler Arnott's rear 3rd member blew up on Golden Spike yesterday. Tyler and Charla Downey (our esteemed TLCA international rep) stayed with the rig overnight while Dustin went to try to find parts. Reportedly, the carrier is broken, which implies that any full sized Land Cruiser carrier will work, assuming swapping over gears, pinion, etc. and such. Since in a semi floater you need the carrier to keep the axles in, we can assume that trying to get out in front wheel drive whilst being strapped over obstacle isn't an option. It's a Canadian rig and while some came with FFs, probably they wouldn't be still on the trail of it were a FF.

What I don't know at this point is (1) if they need a fully loaded 3rd, or just the carrier, I would assume the latter would be quickest and easiest, but we don't know what the gears are. Few wheelers keep the 3.70 gears. (2) If they've found something yet. I have emailed Dustin back that I have spares with 4.11s and coarse spline pinions, but haven't heard back from him via email. He left his phone number and I plan to call shortly. I can bring them a 4.11 spare tomorrow if it would help.
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