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Thanks for the words. The we're actually 11 months old at the time but still....

"MyCoordinates" is a very simple iDevice app that gives you very basic information. Latitude, Longitude, Altitude. I like the fact that that is all it does so you don't have to mess around in another app or your phone settings to find your coordinates. The UI is clean and has large letters. I just know that I get a little frazzled in an emergency and want simple and direct info given to me.

Now im not talking about mapping and route finding. By coordinates, I specifically mean being able to relay the coordinates (lat, long) of an injured person or broken down vehicle. People should realize that nearly every smart phone can do this weather in or out of cell coverage and should familiarize themselves with how to access it. A cheap gps that only displays coordinates can be had for well under $100 too.

Thanks or the info on the HAM. I need to go NGP on mine so I'll look into that antenna.
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