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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Here's a thought... take the box off the frame... build a proper tube or box frame of your desired length... with deck... and place a heavier duty axle and leaves under it after determining oh, say, 60/40 front-rear load bias, laden. Just temp mount the axle till you have the sweet spot nailed.

And there you have it. Nakspedition style.
I have considered that, really. I get the 60/40 split on load ahead of the axle, but there's a hard limit on tongue weight of say, 500 pounds? Which includes everything else up there. I think 2 guys should be able to lift the trailer off the ball...

I find it curious though how much these types of toy haulers vary. Here's one with the camper in front of both axles. How is that even maintaining close to 60/40 with and without 3 ATV's?

Here's the other extreme: no tongue weight at all until you add the bikes:

maybe 2 axles allows you more flexibility there.
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