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Chad: I did have Romer's 40, but sold it a few years back.. it lives in Texas now.

Matt: an E-3 is pretty big, and heavy. the 100 isn't that much better than the 80 at towing. It's better, but not like a big pickup truck or anything. And a double carrier extendo deal before the camper just sounds sketchy, that's a lot of weight hanging off of there. I also like to still get into the back of the truck, even with the camper hooked up- something you lose when you do a receiver thing. Would like to stay at 3500 pounds, total, when loaded. Otherwise feel I'd just wear out the 100 needlessly, and get even worse mileage.

Marco: have seen lots of those, but too wide to fit in the back yard. Any 'real' trailer is going to be wider than what I can reasonably back into the gate- want to keep it at 7'.
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