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Some good info John. As this was my first time leading a run of this size I learned a thing or two as well that I will remedy before the next time.
Communication was my biggest issue as I was unaware that my CB would only broadcast 200 feet (give or take). I have always been in the center to rear of most of the larger groups I've wheeled with so it has never been a problem in the past, but as a trail leader it was frustrating trying to keep communication going between the front and the rear of the group (especially when I couldn't get anyone to relay for me). I would love to step up to a ham but CM is typically the only time I use my radio as it is (rock crawlers are a different breed, we tend to run is much smaller groups and stop and talk a lot instead of communicating via. radio) so the investment is way down on my list of priorities. I will make the investment in a good antenna for my CB though.
I also felt under equipped with extras like fuel and water. I'm sure everyone has seen my Hilux and what lack of cargo capacity it has. I knew I could carry enough for myself, but after leading such a large group I feel it is important to be able to carry extra fuel and water at minimum. With a little reworking of the "bed" area I feel this could easily be accomplished.
Funny thing mentioning the GPS. When the accident occurred on Behind the Rocks and I was on the phone with the Sheriff's office we needed coordinates for the S&R. Almost everyone in my group (including myself) had some form of GPS, but no one had them on. There was some precious time wasted trying to get GPS's booted up. We also had an issue with the format the coordinated were in. We had to give the dispatch coords from three different GPS's before she had one that matched her system.
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