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Originally Posted by MikeBoyle View Post
Funny thing mentioning the GPS. When the accident occurred on Behind the Rocks and I was on the phone with the Sheriff's office we needed coordinates for the S&R. Almost everyone in my group (including myself) had some form of GPS, but no one had them on. There was some precious time wasted trying to get GPS's booted up. We also had an issue with the format the coordinated were in. We had to give the dispatch coords from three different GPS's before she had one that matched her system.
I was discussing this episode with a friend over dinner tonight and realized that we could have all been using the Moab repeater for the HAM conversation that took place just after the sat phone call was made. I was talking with Nick and Jon from a high point on Fins (9.66 miles from the GPS coordinates you were at). 146.9(-) CTSSS 123.0 is the Moab repeater. I tuned to your trail frequency (on the CM master lists) and then did some relaying with dispatch via my cell phone. The bird had already been launched but dispatch said they did not yet have coordinates, which I got from Nick and relayed (in lat/long format). I also gave dispatch the HAM frequency. Sounds like you had already given them GPS coordinates by then. Odd that they said they did not. Still, I doubt the time delay mattered because they responders would all still have been just going to trail heads at at that time.

You guys handled it very well.
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