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Default No more burning out headlight bulbs (hopefully)

So my 250 has had this thing that has been bugging me. When I put the factory headlight/taillight kit on, the light switch controlled power for both the headlight and the taillight. So if I ever wanted to ride with my rear light (and brake light) on, I had to ride with my headlight on. Well every couple of months my low beam filament on my headlight has been broken. At $12/bulb that gets pretty expensive, for a stupid reason. I'm sure it's just because it's hot while pounding on whoops and that ends up breaking the filament.

Well today I fixed that.

A while back my dad busted his headlight on a ride, and decided to go the Trail Tech route to replace it. When he did that he was able to reuse his factory switch, and didn't need the switch that came with the Trail Tech kit.

I took that switch and added it to my bike today, giving me the power to control if my headlight is off, low beam, or high beam (the factory setup didn't provide me use of the high beam, so that was a good addition all in itself).

The cool thing about today was I was able to figure out how to splice the taillight wire into the power so whenever the bike is running my taillight is on and my brake light is able to work. It being an LED I don't see a downside to this. There is a factory connector that splits the power from the light switch to go to the front and rear taillights, and I was able to pull the pin out of that connector as well as the power connector, and rearrange the wires to fit my needs. When I put it back together it almost looks factory. You'd have to really look close to realize it's not.

I love it when a plan comes together. Now let's hope that I won't keep breaking the filaments on my headlight bulbs; this was a lot cheaper than getting the $100+ Trail Tech headlight
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