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Ok I'm back. Now that I've had a break and the Moab hangover is gone. I had a great time. Lots of work of course.

On Wed. I took a new comer to Moab in a well built FJC (Shannon) up Moab Rim. It was is his first run and he did well with me spotting him. Permanent smile from he and his wife. We found the 1/4 mile long Indian Art near the rim via a hike near the other spur road that Neil had been telling me about. That was cool.

Thursday I gunned for Dave K. on Elephant Hill. I hadn’t run that before so that was scenic. I had a bunch of good conversations with a guy that later told me his name was Eric Vogt (former TLCA EVP and old school Moab participant). That was interesting.

Friday I led Hells Revenge. I was a bit sluggish thanks to a good time the previous night with Randy’s whiskey and fire. It was a quick and uneventful run without being able to run Hells gate, the hot tubs and escalator. We got to watch Gary W. and his group run Escalator. Gary put his LC on his side trying to get up and Montana Joe had to winch to get up since he got twisted.

Sat. I led the Golden Spike. I had 7 rigs from the Gotham City Cruisers on the run plus other experienced guys. They were a lot of fun and everyone but one person had HAM radios. They even had an extra handheld for the 1 person without so so he could listen in. So it was great being able to leave the CB alone. I followed the new well marked paint through a difficult spot up a narrow canyon to the top of slickrock and quickly realized that wasn’t the correct route. Many got body damage getting through. There was no turning around and going back down would have a bad option. I later discovered that was the new trail system “Where Eagles Dare”. So I had the group split up. But, since we were able to communicate with the Hams we were all able to find a way back together and re-group. But, it set us back a hour or so. Either way that was my fault. I should have pre-run it again this year. We all had a blast on the rest of the trail and we were out about 6:30pm. A long day of course.

It was impressive to see so many people make it out from all over North America. Many of these people had been wanting to make it to the event for years and were finally able to get their rig ready, schedule the time, complete all the necessary planning and make the trip a reality.

It was also impressive to see all the support and enthusiasm from many of the Toyota vendors in the business showing up and wanting to be part of the event and with a desire to more a part of the event in the future.

It’s quite an event we have built up over the years and I was proud to part of it.

I wasn't in picture taking mode. But, here are a few from Moab Rim, Elephant Hill and the face on the Spike.
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