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Well I've pasted this in almost every other forum, might as well put it here as well

3600 km (2237 miles) round trip
172 US gallons of diesel
Cruise Moab=priceless

I cruised down solo in my hdj81 this year but with a small group from Canada. Jason, his brother Darryl, their Dad Els, and Jason's daughter Julia in his hjd81, and with Paul and his son Aiden in their Tacoma.

Day 1 (Monday) in Moab was for leg stretching after being on the road for two days, so we went to Arches National park and hiked up to the Delicate Arch. Fantastic place.

Day 2 (Tuesday), still pre event, we then went and did Hells Revenge. Just an awesome trail.We caught up with Gary and Woody and crew in the 45's and UTV's, and Gary spotted Jason and I up The Gate:

Jasons turn:

Then my turn:

My in cab camera view (sorry for the narrow view, had it clocked the wrong way):

Pictures from that day:

And a 3 hour tour video jammed into 5 minutes:

Day 3 (Wednesday) was event tech inspection and signing in. I was going to go do Lockhart Basin with some friends and the Copper State crew, but I had a steering leak and some bad noises to fix.
Thanks to Greg Bowie for the factory service manual and his EPC program, and big thanks to CDan for all his wisdom and help. If anyone else ever experiences a leak from a failed washer under the adjusting screw on the steering box, a copper brake washer and some teflon tape works like a hot damn. The bad noise turned out to be a slightly loose/worn pan hard bushing on the frame mount, which CDan diagnosed and then we tightened it up. Tech was a breeze after those repairs. I think the rest of the day we spent lounging at the pool.

Day 4 (Thursday) was Golden Spike. What an epic trail, with a little bit of everything Moab has to offer on one long days trail ride.

Pics from the day:

And some video:

Day 5 (Friday) was Dome Plateau. A very mild trail, 2wd for all of it really, if I had 2wd, but some gorgeous scenery. We were able to check out some neat caves, a dead cow, and some old mining cabins.

Friday night was the big dinner and raffle, where I won a nice tire repair kit from Power Tank. Paul missed out on the new tires by ONE number! And Jasons dad won a hi-lift.

Day 6 (Saturday) the final official day of the event, had us signed up for Kane Creek Canyon. There was some new creases in my seat after some of the very narrow and off camber sections had been cleared.
This trail is quit a bit different than what Moab had offered us on previous trails. Virtually no slickrock, but lots of loose sand, rocks and granite, along with some good branch scraping along the creek bottom. This was more like 'wheeling back home, just a lot hotter


in cab montage:
'90 Hdj81 with all the OEM goodness, and a bunch of other stuff added for good measure.
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