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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
I am going after that CRF 230. probably gone though.

The 230 is a great bike for someone under 140 lbs. IMHO it was the perfect bike for my wife. Unfortunately the suspension is rather soft and will bottom out for anyone heavier. The modifications/cost to beef up the ride would equal that of just buying a larger bike. Although larger bikes maybe intimidating, you can always have them lowered and for about $15 you can change the front sprocket so that it doesn't kick too hard. One a side note, the 230 we owned did not come with a kick starter, only the magic button. I was a little disappointed that Honda didn't include this option. Teaching the wife how to "bump" start it was a painful task but she eventually got it!!!
If you're looking for a tame to mild ride with virtually no maintence I'd seriously consider an Honda XR250 or 400. The later would be my choice because the stance is virtually the same yet you can gear it similiar to the 250. As confidence builds you can re-gear it with the original parts. One thing is for sure, the 400 could potientially be the last bike you ever own. In other words, you'll never out ride a 400 but you may trade in a 250 for some more cc's. I would not take this "grow into the bike" approach with the CRF's, YZF's, or KTM's because there is a huge difference between the 250's and the larger bikes within these models. Good luck in your search
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