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Its been a while but I was car-less for a number of years and commuted year round in Madison, WI and SLC, UT. I used a NightSun handlebar light which at the time was probably the brightest thing available. I preferred the handlebar light as it always was pointed in the direction I was going and the shadows were at a consistent height. I never liked the headlamp thing at the time. For the rear the biggest blinker light I could find. My bike shoes had reflective stuff, most do. And on my cyclocross (main commuter) I had a little tape on it.

Like Dave said its more about being seen than the law. I was never stopped for lighting. Just traffic violations In todays market I'd probably point you towards something like this for a headlight then just find a blinker you like. They all work and last forever. I aways got a seat post mounted one personally.
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