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Default dirt bike steering dampener

So I've ridden enough now to feel the difference. The final smack in the head was on Saturday, after riding Farnham's bike for a few miles, then getting back on my bike then immediately undertaking a fairly rocky descent.. I was all over the place for a bit until I got a grip on things. Someone on advrider described the difference is like wheeling a truck without power steering, then putting power steering on it.. yeah I guess that's it? I am pretty sure I'd crash less if I had some steering dampening, as every time I've ended badly the final straw was a sudden change in handle bar position. If there's a mechanical advantage to be had, I want it. I'm not getting any younger, and I'm not that good of a rider..

The two leading candidates appear to be the Scotts and the GPR. Most go with the Scotts, as I've read they are easier to dial into the desired setting, even while riding. Also Scotts only dampen when you're turning away from straight- when returning to straight there's no dampening, which implies it requires less effort to go back in a straight line? that's a difference between the dirt bike model and the street bike model, from what I gather.

I have also read some stuff about welding vs. bolt-on, and over-the-bar vs. under-the-bar. every one I've seen has been over the bar and bolt on, but I have found a few pics of some welded versions, which look pretty sweet actually. I'm not afraid of welding...

So how about a discussion about steering dampeners; what you have, what difference it made, how it's installed, what you'd suggest I put on my bike, etc.
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