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I decided to add the damper after a crash in Lefthand Canyon. I figure the cost of the thing was worth it if it prevented another crash that left me limping for a month.

I found a used one on Craigs list. It is a Scotts damper although I think I read that Ohlins actually make it. It has several adjustments including ones that change the range of damping as well as the overal damping force. There is also an impact setting that changes the peak damping force. Lot's to play with.

I would prefer an under the bar mounting as I'd like to raise my bars up a bit for better comfort when standing. The damper I bought was set up for above the bar mounting and came with all of the mounting hardware so that is how it is now. I may move the bars up later.

The mounting hardware is from some company other than Scotts. Its not much different other than the fixed post that clamps to the frame uses a 2 bolt clamp rather than the 1 bolt clamp, (think shaft collars). The two bolt arrangement made it super easy to install - I didn't have to disassemble the triple clamp.

The Scotts website has excellant manuals and pictures of installations on many different bikes. The arrangement of your head tube and frame will impact the ease of installation. Mine happened to have the top of the head tube far from the nearest weld so no filing was needed. Some KTM frames need the top weld filed to fit the post clamp. More info here:
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