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I just went through this. fun stuff for sure. (not)

Our new to us home had a 100amp Federal Pacific panel, which like yours is both not adequate and unsafe...

I received quotes from six different contractors. scope of work varied from a basic 100amp replacement panel to a rather massive overhaul, price quote varied between $700 and $4,500 bucks.

I ended up going with the middle of the price range, who also offered the most features.

JM Electric performed the work, for $1,700 fully permitted by Louisville and it included the following, all Eaton CE products.

200amp meter housing/40 slot load center combo on the exterior of the garage
200amp 40 slot load center within the garage
updated grounding (one new ground rod, plus connection to the water main)
50amp 220v circuit for the welder in the garage
50amp 220v circuit outside for the compressor
two 20amp 110v circuits to the other side of the house (sump pump and hot tub)

they did a GREAT job, and adding the other circuits and grounding were pretty epic given we have a huge spread out ranch home. the guy who gave me the quote, the manager who i spoke to on the phone and the two guys who came out and performed the work were all personable, professional and overall great to work with.

I have them coming out again next week to quote me for a 100amp subpanel in the basement for my saltwater aquarium, and to quote me for adding Eatons solar switching equipment (which is really quite super cool, and one of the reasons why Eatons stuff rated highly in my book).

overall, dealing with the quotes and contractors, this project was a total runaround charlie foxtrot. I'm glad i found these guys as i feel i was treated very fairly, and they did a great job. quotes are free, so get one from these guys, and at least a couple more!
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