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I didn't measure before & after but just under an inch, the difference is that new black thing is the lift block.

Edit: wow, what a difference. On pavement the whole front end is way more stable, even at 60mph there's no shimmy and I don't feel the knobby vibration like I used to, just feels more solid like a street bike. I only did the dirt run behind Target, but really liked how it sort of held its line better, just felt solid like I could now safely go faster.. so cool. Also I kinda dig how the bars are now, I stopped and twisted them a couple times, think I've got the position pretty dialed in now, and it's definitely comfortable. I'm still at the stock setting, which is 8 clicks (1 revolution) from fully dampened.

Looking forward to a day of dirt.. too bad that may need to wait a bit with our upcoming schedule cause my bike is feeling really good right now...
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