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Day 5.

We continued in low range through Grand Staircase. Lots of miles, but a fun drive.

Lake Powell in the distance:


We headed onto Hole in the Rock road, and traveled south to Peek-a-Boo and Spooky Canyons. I'd done Spooky before, but we got stopped by too much water and a cold spring day at Peek-a-Boo, so I was excited to hike it.

When we got to the trail head, we found a group of students from UAU, on a picture taking, and art class field trip. One of their group had hiked Peek-a-Boo, but did not want to do Spooky, and went off on his own, with under a liter of water. They had not seen him since, and it had been several hours.

They had sent out search parties, and my brother and I verified that they had set a return time for the search parties, and that there were multiple people in the parties. We then offered them some of our water, which, since most of them were out, having only a bottle or two each, they gladly took. We had many gallons left, and thus were able to share.

We then got a description of their lost group member, and told them that, should their parties return without seeing their friend, a call to BLM and SAR was in order. It was 100 ish on top of the mesa, and no wind in the canyons. Without water, their friend was going to be hurting very soon if he wasn't already. We headed in, but luckily ran into a search party who had located their missing group member, who had gotten lost but had the good sense to stop wandering and stay put. We offered them water, but they had enough, and we set on to the canyons!


Dropping into Spooky was tricky, but we managed with a short shimmy down a wall.

Scary? Spooky? Strange for sure!

On the way back, we headed up a side road to view some dinosaur tracks. The BLM sucks at labeling things, so after much searching we were able to find them. Very cool!

From there we were able to bomb at 60ish out Hole in the Rock road thanks to aired down tires, and we made it to escalante for fuel. Got a whopping 11 mpg on the trek from Big water to Escalante, but managed 120 miles of 4wd on the dirt.

The road from Escalante to Boulder UT is stunning. We didn't stop as we were trying to make time, but it is a beautiful drive, especially in late evening.

We left Boulder and headed to the high country were we made camp at about 8000 feet. It was nice to be in some cooler climes, but the mosquitos were nasty, and we had to break out the tent for the first time on the trip. Camp was pretty though.


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