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Thanks for leading this effort again Matt. I felt like it was a good trip. Picked up a fair amount of trash and hand cut a few trees off of the trail. Also thanks to Perry. He originally setup this trail for us as an adopt a trail. He rode with me a bit and helped out the effort with directions and stuff.

Lunch worked well. We had 13 adults and a few kids. Could have used some more salsa, guac and lettuce.

The abandoned Durango that rolled 5-7 times down the shelf road was a bit spooky. They are so lucky it stopped rolling.

The jeep recovery after that was also interesting. It was good the guy stopped when felt his rear end sliding off. We were able to dig out clear tracks for him. Then he drove out. He and his buddy were a bit freaked out.

It was after 5pm and I was late. I was in the rear and planned to back out. It was a long backup down the shelf road. I turn around and shot out of there. I guess the rest of the group had to back out also and it took a while. When I hit the pavement\trailhead I think they had just gotten all turn around.

I wasn’t taking pictures. Since Perry was with me I figure he had that covered.
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