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And here we are talking about 5-6K mile intervals

We’re anonymous here, so we’ll call the characters in this true story “Dad” and “Sonny.” Dad doesn’t believe in oil changes, so Sonny “borrowed” the truck one day and got us a sample. Sonny told his dad the truck was leaking oil in his driveway while he was unloading stuff from Home Depot (it wasn’t), so while he had it he “fixed” the leak and changed the oil.

Dad grumbled and said he should have left it alone, but agreed it was time. This is factory oil in Dad’s 1997 Nissan pickup truck with 122,635 miles on it. And you know, for an oil that’s been in place as long as this one has, the oil doesn’t look half bad.

It was thick, like a 15W/40. Fuel was present, though without trends we don’t know if that’s a temporary thing or if it’s always present. Bearing wear (copper, lead, and tin) is heavy, as is upper-end wear (aluminum and iron), but the rings (chrome) are wearing well. Sonny says the engine starts easier now and it isn’t as labored as it was when it runs. We’re not sure if these results are a testament to Nissan’s engineering or Dad’s good driving, but either way, next time you get worried that it’s been six months since you changed your oil, you can remember Sonny and Dad and breathe a little easier!
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