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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
Question for all the 100 series experts...

AHC? Apparently the LX's have it while the 100s don't and from what I have read a person doesn't want the AHC

Is that because in order to put a lift you have to remove all of the AHC stuff or because of mechanical issues or ??
My 1999 LX470 has AHC. I push the up button and it rises 3". I push the down button and it drops 2". It will stay raised (or lowered) until the vehicle speeds up to a threshold (19 mph IIRC) and then it reverts back to the normal position.

AHC will also automatically level the vehicle on inclines. So on an uphill driveway the rear will lift up. It is this component of AHC that when it goes bad is where I've seen most people complain. Mine levels sometime and other times it does not - but that don't bother me enough to spend the $$$$ to correct the issue.

I figure as long as my up button works, I'm set for the minimal off road stuff I would do. As long as my down button works, I'm set for when my mom needs to get in/out of the truck.

Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
Also, do the 100s/LXs come with an integrated brake controller harness? Few of the 100s and LXs I've seen have a hitch and I'm wondering if they came wired from the factory to easily add trailer lights and brake controllers...The 80 was a PITA to add a brake controller but my '99 Durango was a breeze.
My truck did not come with a receiver or wiring. I had lampert install the hitch and do the wiring for a flat 4 plug so I could tow my drift boat. It was not plug and play, but it works just fine.
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